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Hey I'm a girl with a obsession of a life time of Glee and Twilight and Harry Potter. And you all can call me Sam, or Leigh. Now i support Klaine, Brittana, Sterek, And a whole Lots more. If you have a problems with what i support and like you can back off my tumblr. Im still new to Tumblr, and Twitter(Role Playing) so if any one want to help me thats awesome! :D





what if there was a really flamboyant assassin and after they killed someone they just snapped their fingers, turned away and said ‘you’ve just been SASSassinated’

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have you ever heard a raven talk?

because apparently they can go from severus snape to japanese schoolgirl in .5 seconds.

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this is based on gleeklainebow's amazing skank!kurt fanart and I just couldn’t help myself  

since skank!kurt is usually always about how he and Blaine get together, this just has established relationship cuteness and how blaine melts his badass exterior whenever he’s around uwu 

Kurt stands smoking under the bleachers, waiting for Blaine get get out of his student council meeting. 

"Why do you have to keep going to these stupid things?" Kurt had asked earlier today as they hung out in the alcove of the empty hallway for a quick make out session between third and fourth period. (Blaine doesn’t have a class for third and Kurt doesn’t mind skipping English because he knows it all anyway).

Blaine had laughed. “It’s not stupid.”

"Yes, it is," says Kurt, frowning down at him. "Anything that keeps me from taking you home to bed is fucking stupid. And all of your clubs and meetings - definitely stupid, because it’s nearly four or five by the time you get out. That doesn’t leave much time to -" 

"Shh," says Blaine, pushing him up against the wall as they hear the approaching footsteps echoing down the hall. Blaine bites his lip, trying not to laugh and Kurt leans down to kiss at his neck, trying to get him to make a sound. 

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To my future wife…




When I die I want you to mix my ashes in a bowl of chili, then eat it. Just so I can tear that ass up one more time.

I’m in shock


ooooooh shit

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Ill just take the scissors and slide them over and then ill be happy because I don’t seem to fit in any where I’m so alone that not even my so called friends like me no one does I’m to quiet I’m to loud it’s always something like why don’t any of you like me I’m your sister or daughter and you all hate me I didn’t do any thing I’m just a punching bag well how a bout I just stop speaking, or living no one would care no one would Grieve for me ….

They wouldn’t care even if I died.. It would be so fucking easy to just end it all… Just a slit on my wrists and one on my neck… They don’t even like me I’m just there ducking punching bag… They never cared and they never will.. I’m just something to walkall over… It would be so easy…

People’s Choice Awards 2014: Vote for Darren Criss in the Favorite Comedy TV Actor category to get him nominated! Vote for Klaine in the Favorite On-Screen Chemistry category and vote for Blam in the Favorite TV Bromance category! You can vote as many times as you want!

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"A rose is a rose is a rose": endofadream: Big Brother AU—Kurt and Blaine are contestants on the... →


Big Brother AU—Kurt and Blaine are contestants on the show ready to win half a million dollars. expect the unexpected is the show’s motto, but what they don’t expect, however, is a mutual attraction turned into a semi-reluctant showmance that blossoms into something a lot…

I was so fucking moved!!!!!!

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And remember, it’s all anonymous so you’ve got nothing to worry about. 

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rebloggable as requested 


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